Summer Camps 2019


We do not need to send our children or teenagers abroad to guarantee their linguistic immersion in English. Rather the opposite. Spending a lot of money (flights, the campus itself, extra expenses, etc.) so that our children spend all day talking in Catalan or Spanish with children from their own country or mother tongue -which is what usually happens, because the companies organizing summer campuses only worry about making money and not about the students’ authentic immersion in English or their well-being – it is counterproductive. Do we want luxury trips for them, and unprofitable ones? Better go with the parents, to do tourism … To socialize and teach our children in English, having them controlled in every way, they rather stay at home.

Martin’s Ways offers a different kind of learning English, a summer camp that guarantees a linguistic full immersion to its participants and also great entertainment for children and teenagers taking part in it, and without having to move from Sant Cugat. From the areas of Physical Education, Sports and Theater, we offer diverse activities interlinked in which the learning vehicle will be the English language. We guarantee a real English immersion during this stay, without the costs and risks associated to travelling abroad, and with an authentic control that its participants will socialize in English and not in their mother-tongue languages, Spanish or Catalan.

The main goals of this camp consist of:

  • Creating real-play situations where English is applied as vehicular language.
  • Developing communicative skills from the areas of sport and theatrical representation.
  • Learning the basic elements of a theatre play and representing a final theatrical work using English as only language.
  • Improving communicative skills and knowledge of the English language.

Having always into account the importance of cognitive and motor development of the person, we also include extracurricular activities related to get to know the environment and, optionally, for those who select it, as extra, at the end of the Summer Camp, three days of leisure activities that will take one full day each, as excursions to the mountain, visits to amusement parks, activities of exploration, etc.

How is our camp?

The camp we offer is destined to make children and teens grow, in values, both sports and social ones, having in mind how every individual is, their uniqueness. The main contents of this camp are based on getting the most out of students from physical education, sports and interpretation. The main elements which we consider here are emotional education, education in values and the development of the motor-perceptual and conditional capacities of all kids and teens. And all in English, with Martin’s Ways’ teachers and monitors.

Where is the camp?

In Sant Cugat del Vallès, Carrer Orient 78-84, first floor, #13.

  • Sports activities will take place in the park sited near the academy.
  • Theatre lessons will take place both in the academy and in the park.
  • For those contracting the final extra activities of the Summer Camp, outside Sant Cugat, we will give detailed information of these, specifically, when due.

Who can register in the camp?

There will be two different groups, according to age.

  • Children from, 8 to 11.
  • Pre-teens and Teens, from 12 to 16.


  • Our Summer Camp will take place in July, the following weeks: 1 to 5; 8 to 12; 15 to 19 and 22 to 26.
  • On July 29, 30 and 31 July three different excursions outside Sant Cugat will take place, lasting one full day each. Prices, Contents and Schedule, we will let you know over the following weeks.
  • Camp Timetables: Our camp will start at 9h and will end at 14h

Bookings and registration

  • Bookings can be carried out from April 1st. We need every participant to come to our academy to register, in order to complete a placement test in English, included in the price, essential to be able to take part in the Summer Camp.
  • Participants will have to pay 50% of the subscribed amount in the Summer Camp in order to guarantee their booking.


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