Success stories: adults

Here you have some of the senior students of Martin’s Ways, of all ages. A little sample of the hundreds of pupils who have studied with us in 23 years.

Francisco, 45

Historian and geographer, expert in logistics. Black belt of Aikido martial arts. Advanced level of English. One of the best students in Martin’s Ways in 21 years. Two years of lessons. His goal is to have an optimum English in all areas. No-one works like him. No-one learns like him, very few people. The first student with whom we’ve shared the historical archives of the BBC (1927-1977).

Xavier 49 

Finance consultant. Upper Intermediate level. Two years of lessons. His goal is to improve in all aspects through conversation lessons. His level has increased extraordinarily since we began. As wise as can be.



Carles & Sònia. 44 

Pre-Advanced level. Computer analyst and insurance executive manager, respectively. Good friends. A couple of years doing coupled lessons. The funniest students in Martin’s Ways, they even received a medal for it! They learned and had fun.



Villamore 53 

role model for Martin’s Ways. He studied four years of personalised lessons with us with the goal of having total fluency in order to perform his duties of representative for an important American multinational company. He had a deadline and we fulfilled it.

E. Alegret 37 

Engineer. She took 1 year of lessons in order to perfect her English to find a new job, working hard in grammar, conversation, audiovisual material, reading and pronunciation, and finally achieved her purposes.

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