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Tarjeta Quantum http://martinsways.comClasses in super-reduced group, maximum 7 people. Maximum customization, according to our method. From 10am to 2pm; and from 4pm to 8pm, from Monday to Friday, in our center, you can enjoy our new teaching method, absolutely brand new and revolutionary. Come whenever you want, our teachers are always here teaching and you can join at any time. You can always choose when you want to come, even without an appointment. Maximum flexibility From 10 year-olds. Lower and Upper levels.
How does it work?
You can buy packs of class hours. Packs of 5, 10, 15 and 20 classes. Get informed about how to get your packs. The first day of class, we will have an interview, we will carry out the presentation class and you will take a Placement Test to determine your level. Quantum Cards have 20 boxes, each corresponding to one hour of classes or activities. Each time we carry out a class or activity, the corresponding box will be marked on the card, according to the hours you dedicate. A superflexible method, along with the times, and practical, to enjoy language teaching according to the preferences of our customers

Buy your Quantum card now. For more information, contact us.


Come on a hike with us to enjoy the beautiful landscape of  Sant Cugat (El Pi d’en Xandri, Sant Medir, Can Borrell) while immersing yourself in English. Your guide(s) will only interact with you in English so that you can improve your English speaking skills.



'Come experience an English breakfast and improve your skills in English!'

In 2018, every other Thursday from 10 to 12h, in our center, there will be meetings every other week, based on conversation to gain fluency and knowledge in English. Regular students will have a discount on this service.
English/American/Australian/Canadian Breakfast...
English breakfast at the office. Coffee/tea, toasts, peanut butter, jam, sausages, bacon, eggs, bagels, pancakes, maple syrup, waffles, beans etc. We can welcome between 2 and 7 people and organize event twice a month.  And much more...

Private lessons

La clase de Pygmalion www.martinsways.com/

Bookings all-year open of our personalized regular English lessons, 2017-2018 course. To request information, book your lessons, please click here and contact us.

Crash Courses

You can count on us to ensure your success if you wish to take an exam! We will help you pass your First Certificate, your Advanced Certificate, your Proficiency Certificate, your TOEFL, TOELS, your DELF and your DALF. We will guide you through each exercices you will have on the exam day!

Book Club

Why not joining our book club? We will offer you books to read and to present to other members so that we can discuss them and share our taste in Literature while enjoying snacks and drinks! It is also the opportunity to be given advice about Literature and to expand your library as you will receive a new book each month!

Audiovisual Club

You can join the ranks at Martin’s Ways and enjoy a good time watching series, movies and sports with us while having snacks and drinks! You will meet other people who wish to learn foreign languages and you will be able to take part into conversations to immerse yourself in the language and improve your skills in different registers as you will learn more vocabulary. We will also invite you to special sessions in seasonal sport events!

Quaterly (CON-TESTS)

Every three months Martin’s Ways celebrates a special event, the Quarterly Con-Test. Students participate in a contest, grouped in their current levels (A1, A2, B1, B2…), a level test in which they will try to certify their improvement and win prizes if they qualify in the top ranks! You can’t miss it!

Excursions Abroad

You will be able to use the Quantum Card too to register in our trips abroad. For instance, a weekend trip to Perpignan for the French Students is on its way!

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