English Breakfasts 2019

‘Come experience an English breakfast and improve your skills in English!’

In 2019, every other Thursday from 10 to 12h, in our center, there will be meetings every other week, based on conversation to gain fluency and knowledge in English. Regular students will have a discount on this service.

English/American/Australian/Canadian Breakfast

English breakfast at the office. Coffee/tea, toasts, peanut butter, jam, sausages, bacon, eggs, bagels, pancakes, maple syrup, waffles, beans etc. We can welcome between 2 and 7 people and organize event twice a month. Since it is a breakfast it would be a 2 hour activity from 10 to 12, on Thursdays. The price per person will be 40€, food included.


  • English breakfast + conversation about anglophone countries.
  • Listening to a podcast and/or watching a video.
  • Playing board games.
  • New English idioms with their equivalent in Spanish/Catalan
  • Presentation of materials to learn English (book reviews, radio, podcasts, videos, short stories, websites, songs).
  • Learning an English song.

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