The coaching teachers

The key to success lies in how trustful are students in the coaching teachers, whose empathy is total. They supervise students’ work with perseverance, discipline, organization, regularity, day by day, and these ones know they are in good hands and become extremely grateful by means of producing results that compensate the great effort made.

Tony R. ‘Burch’

He’s the Director of Martin’s Ways. Outstanding pupil of Martin, he took his legacy and has optimized it and expanded it, made it known to the world. Degree in Translation and Interpretation by Cambridge University; Proficiency of English; Translation Spanish-English and English-Spanish by Cambridge University, he’s got more than 24 years of experience giving English lessons.

Tony is the general manager of Martin’s Ways. Teacher of French and English, coordinates all coaching teachers’ tasks and is in charge of all of the structural aspects regarding teaching, promotion of different events, evolution and expansion of all projects.

Behind Tony, there is a multidisciplinar team of teachers, boys and girls, all with empathic minds, from different origins and ages but same sympathetic manners, who guarantee our students fulfil their goals, day after day.

Finally, coordinating all staff, lies Eva Blas, fundamental piece of Martin’s Ways.

Eva Blas

She’s in charge of marketing, design, logistics, web programming, social media and general administration. She makes sure all teachers have the necessary tools to teach and that our students’ satisfaction is complete.

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